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The +LifeBlanket System is the original high performance, all season patient packaging system you can customize for the weather of the week or the season of the year. We design and manufacture a full line of lightweight +LifeBlankets, Transfer Pads, Barrier Safe Liners  and patient packaging accessories, in Colorado, USA, for customers world-wide.
+LifeBlankets provide essential year-round performance when downtime isn't an option. Fast, simple, reliable & hassle free, they’re used from
Alaska to Africa and most places in between. They are trusted and used by professional air and ground medical transport, first responder, disaster response and SAR teams; including the US Army, Navy & Air Force.
Every hour of every day, in every climate, someone is being cared for
by professionals who know what they're doing in a tough, compact,
user friendly +LifeBlanket System.
+LifeBlankets are the Real Deal
There is only one Patented, Trademarked, Genuine                 

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